1 In order to exchange ideas,our school has organised a lecture to be held on campus. If you want to attend the lecture,you need to register your personal information by filling in the formal registration form which is specially designed by our designer. You need to fill in your name,sex(male or female),age and nationality. Exchange students are also welcome,but they must state which nation they come from.

2 Bob graduated from junior high school,and now he is a senior high school student. This guy has become my best partner. He is always anxious to explore new things. He has an outgoing personality and is curious to make a good impression on everyone. He is a very confident student and will never be frightened by difficulties. I am really impressed with his confidence. In class,he concentrates on listening to the teacher. Sometimes,he makes you feel awkward and even annoys you. What if he makes you annoyed? I’ll have to leave him alone at last.

3 My partner Carl likes to take notes on flash cards and is curious to improve his spoken English. He has an outgoing personality,looking forward to organising a spoken English contest. However,he believes that he should revise his learning strategy and life style. His goal is to get a good job in a company or organisation.


1 Teenage life is rich and colourful. Some teenagers prefer to do volunteer work,while others prefer extra-curricular activities. Their content is to organise debates,study ballet movements,clean up the greenhouses, and so on. But more people sign up for advanced courses suitable for their taste. Actually,I prefer literature to all these.

2 Actually,youth life is also full of opportunities and challenges. As freshmen,there are some problems that confuse us,that is, we are confused by some confusing problems. We go to college after graduating from senior high school. We must quit some bad habits and adapt to the new school life. There are more extra-curricular activities in university for us to sign up for. We have the responsibility to become useful talents for the country and should be responsible for mankind. With the advance of society, we should learn advanced scientific knowledge and speak fluent foreign languages. According to the schedule,we are going to study Chinese literature this term. I’ve written to an editor for help. He recommends that we should choose a good research topic and a paper title. Obviously,he will provide us with a good solution.

3 Youth life is filled with adventure. Young people feel that there is a generation gap between themselves and adults. They are attracted to new things,and addicted to the Internet. Their behaviours are quite different from those of adults. They focus on the modern lifestyle. Experts recommend that young people not only take risks but also learn survival ways.


1 Tian Hua is making arrangements for a trip abroad. She is going to visit the Old Castle in Spain. She has applied for a visa. She has also rented some outdoor clothes and packed them. She thinks it is an extremely amazing trip. She will feel amazed whenever she thinks of those amazing tourist spots. Other than the Old Castle in Spain,she will visit the Eiffel Tower in France,Disneyland in the United States,the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and Lake Titicaca in South America. But her destination is the site of the ruins of the Inca Empire in Peru. There she can feel the ancient civilisation of mankind. Tian Hua plans first to hike along the country path, and then travel by any type of transport,and at last take an international flight. She will carry her package,credit cards and a travel brochure with her.

2 Once a tourist who went on a package tour lost contact with his group,which was made up of twelve people. He followed the narrow flat path to the source of a river. He admired the beautiful view so much that he could not take control of himself. He saw some soldiers over there unearthing a tomb. Buried in it was an ancient emperor,who once ruled a powerful empire. The traveller was amazed at the unique architecture designed by ancient architects. Not recognising his way back,he requested a local official to help find accommodation.

3 Once I went on a package tour. The guide explained to us the details of the tour. At his request,we checked in at a hotel and checked out a week later. I paid by credit card. We were attracted to the amazing view in the mountains. There we saw some soldiers unearthing a tomb next to a statue. We were all amazed at the sight. The tour guide introduced to us the local economic development,and at last he commented that tourism had brought great benefits to the economy.


1 As an athlete,Richard prefers all kinds of sports,such as soccer, boxing,badminton,skiing,and track and field sports like marathon and jogging. However,he is particularly good at gymnastics. He has won championships in sports events hosted by many countries and cities. He usually comes along with his coach and works out for his fitness in the gym or stadium,sweating a lot. He has made it.

2 The athlete is a legend in the sports world. He has won not only medals for himself,but also honour and glory for his country. He never gives up training even if he is injured. Meeting with failure, he will face it bravely rather than lose heart. Now and then,he feels as if he is about to fall apart,but he holds on to the end. Once, he took part in the gymnastics championship to compete with the world’s gymnastics masters. In spite of his leg injuries,he had the determination to become the champion. Encouraged by his captain, he gathered all his strength and finally made it. No sweet without sweat. He sets a positive example for all the athletes.

3 As an athlete,I’ve faced an audience of millions over the years. When competing with other players,even if I fail,I have a positive attitude to face it rather than lose heart. I have recently gained some weight and I feel under stress. So I go on a diet with determination and try to keep slim and graceful. I know that doing exercise and dieting will make a difference to one’s fitness. I do push-ups every day,and never cut it out. Now and then I go jogging. I think it makes sense to do so. My health has improved a lot compared with the past. In addition,I have always been against cheating in sports,against pretending to fall,and I have tried to avoid errors in matches.


1 Today,natural disasters,such as floods,droughts,landslides, typhoons,hurricanes,tornados and tsunamis,often strike towns and villages,causing human injuries and deaths or great damage to people’s property. The relatively more dangerous of them is the volcanic eruption. Its great power can damage farms,destroy houses,affecting people’s life greatly. Once,an earthquake of great magnitude occurred. The government immediately organised rescue teams to evacuate people,taking them to shelters. The helicopters delivered all kinds of supplies to them.

2 A big earthquake struck the city and everyone was shocked. Ninety percent of the buildings lay in ruins,metal pipes and water taps cracked,and bricks covered the ground. Many people were trapped or buried in ruins and suffered a great deal. They were in shock. There was neither electricity nor water. It seemed as if the world were at an end. The government immediately organised rescue teams to help the trapped and bury the dead. The PLA also came to their rescue. Thanks to their unified efforts and wisdom, the city began to breathe and revive.

3 Active volcanoes can erupt at any time. Typhoons and hurricanes strike coastal areas now and then,destroying farmlands and cutting off power supplies. The great waves of a tsunami crash against the beach and sweep away crops. Metal pipes and water taps are cracked. At this time,people should not stay in the open air. It is better to have a first aid kit on hand. Relief supplies will be delivered to those who survive. In summary,people should remain calm in an emergency. Experts say the damage effect of a disaster depends on its length.


1 How many billion people speak the UN’s official languages as their native or second language? What’s your attitude towards this? What I refer to is that you should provide more information for reference.

2 This semester,my major course is to study the development of language and the change of its vocabulary. As we know, language is a means of communication and plays an important role in global affairs. No matter what their social system is,language is regarded as a symbol of the ups and downs of a nation. Some languages like Chinese date back to the earliest dynasties,with symbols and characters carved on bones and shells. The change of language is based on a variety of factors. Despite all this,the social system and civilisation are the major factors. In addition,I appreciate Chinese calligraphy and Chinese classics very much, which are also my specific research programs.

3 Tom is a native of England and English is his native language. But he often speaks the local dialect. He knows there are some differences in vocabulary between BrE and AmE. For example,the American English words “subway” “gas” “pants” and “apartment” are “ underground” “petrol” “trousers” and “flat” in British English. Each nation has its own tongue. But in my point of view,the change of language relates to the different social systems. Nowadays,people demand peace,struggle for equal rights and try to bridge the gap between languages. I have a lot more to say about language,but some affairs are beyond description.



1 为了交流思想,我们学校组织了一次讲座,将在校园里举行。如果你想参加讲座,你需要填写我们设计师专门设计的正式 登记表,以注册你的个人信息。你需要填写你的姓名、性别(男性或女性)、年龄和国籍。也欢迎交换生参加 ( 本次讲座),但他们必须说明他们来自哪个 国家。

2 鲍勃初中毕业了,现在是一名高中生。这个小伙子成了我最好的搭档。他总是急于 探索新事物。他性格 开朗,渴望给大家留下好印象。他是一个非常自信的学生,决不会被困难吓倒。他的自信给我留下了深刻的印象。在课堂上,他全神贯注地听老师讲课。有时候,他会让你觉得尴尬,甚至让你很恼火。如果他让你生气了该怎么办? 最后我只好不理睬他。

3 我的搭档卡尔喜欢在教学卡片上做笔记,渴望提高自己的英语口语。他性格 外向,期待着 组织一次英语口语比赛。不过,他认为他应该改变自己的学习策略和生活方式。他的目标是在公司或机构里找到一份好工作。


1 青少年的生活丰富多彩。一些青少年 喜欢做志愿者工作,而另一些喜欢 课外活动。它们的内容是组织辩论,学习芭蕾舞 动作,清扫 温室,等等。但更多的人报名参加 适合他们口味的高级课程。实际上,比起这些,我更喜欢 文学。

2 事实上,青少年生活也充满了机遇和挑战。作为大一新生,有一些问题困扰着我们,也就是说,我们被一些令人困惑的问题所困扰。我们高中 毕业后上大学。我们必须改掉一些坏习惯,适应新的学校生活。大学里有更多的课外活动让我们报名参加。我们有责任成为国家有用的人才,对人类应该有担当。随着社会的进步,我们应该学习先进的科学知识,讲流利的外语。根据课程安排,我们这学期要学习中国文学。我已写信给编辑寻求帮助。他建议我们应选择一个好的研究主题和论文题目。显然, 他会给我们提供一个好的解决方案。

3 青少年的生活充满了冒险。年轻人觉得自己和成年人之间有代沟。他们喜欢新生事物,沉迷于网络。他们的行为与成年人大不相同。他们特别关注现代生活方式。专家 建议年轻人不仅要冒险,还要学会生存的方法。


1 田华正在为出国旅行做安排。她要去参观西班牙的古城堡。她已申请 签证。她还租了一些户外衣物并已打包。她认为这是一次非常 棒的旅行。每当她想到那些令人惊叹的旅游景点时,她都会感到惊奇不已。除了 西班牙古城堡 外,她将参观法国的埃菲尔铁塔、美国的迪士尼乐园、巴西的亚马孙雨林和南美的的的喀喀湖。但她的目的地是秘鲁 印加帝国遗址。在那里她可以感受到人类古代文明。田华计划先沿着乡间小路 徒步旅行,然后乘坐任何一种 交通工具,最后乘坐国际航班。她将随身携带包裹、信用卡和一本旅游手册。

2 有一次,一个参与包价旅游的游客和旅行团失去了联系,该旅行团由 12个人组成。他沿着狭窄、 平坦的 小路来到一条河流的源头。他如此欣赏这里美丽的景色,以至于无法控制自己。他看见一些士兵在那边挖掘一座坟墓,里面埋葬着的是一位古代皇帝,他曾经统治过一个强大的 帝国。这位游客对古代建筑师设计的独特 建筑 感到惊奇。由于认不出自己回去的路,他请求当地一位官员帮忙找住处。

3 有一次我跟团旅游。导游给我们讲解了旅游的详情。在他的要求下,我们在一家旅馆登记入住,一周后结账离开。我使用信用卡付账。我们喜爱山上那令人惊叹的 景色。在那里,我们看到一些士兵在一尊雕像旁边挖掘一座坟墓。我们都对这一景象 感到惊奇。导游向我们介绍了当地的经济发展情况,他最后评论说,旅游业给当地经济带来了巨大的效益。


1作为一名运动员,理查德更喜欢各种体育运动,如足球、拳击、羽毛球、滑雪和田径运动, 如马拉松和慢跑。然而,他尤其擅长体操。他在许多国家和城市举办的体育赛事中获得了冠军。他通常跟随他的教练去健身房或体育场 锻炼身体,出大量的汗。他已经获得成功了。


这位运动员是体育界的传奇人物。他不仅为自己赢得了奖章,也为祖国赢得了荣誉和赞美。即使 受伤,他也从不放弃训练。遇到失败时, 他会勇敢地面对而不是 丧失信心。有时,他觉得自己似乎要崩溃了,但他还是坚持到底。 有一次,他参加了体操 锦标赛,与世界体操高手 竞争。尽管他的腿受了损伤,他还是有决心成为冠军。在队长的鼓励下,他竭尽全部力量,最终获得成功。汗水换来了甜蜜。他为所有运动员 树立了一个 积极的 榜样。


作为一名运动员,多年来我面对的观众数以百万计。在与其他选手竞争时,即使失败, 我也以积极的态度去面对,而不是 丧失信心。最近,我的体重有所增加,我感到有压力。所以我决心 节食,尽量保持苗条和优美。我知道运动和节食对一个人的健康 有 影响。我每天都做俯卧撑,从不间断。我有时去慢跑。我认为这样做是有意义的。与过去比较,我的健康状况有了很大的改善。此外,我一直反对在体育运动中作弊,反对假摔,并且我尽量避免在比赛中出现失误。





一场大地震袭击了这座城市,人人都感到震惊。百分之九十的建筑物被夷为平地,金属 管道和水龙头 破裂,砖块覆盖着地面。许多人被困或被埋在废墟中,遭受了巨大的痛苦,他们处于极度震惊状态。既没有电,也没有水,世界似乎已经到了尽头。政府立即组织救援队帮助被困人员,掩埋死者。人民解放军也前来救援。多亏了他们的共同 努力和智慧,这个城市开始呼吸和复苏了。


活火山随时可能喷发。台风和飓风不时袭击沿海地区,毁坏农田,切断电力 供应。海啸的巨浪 冲击着海滩,席卷庄稼。金属 管道和水龙头 破裂。此时,人们不应该待在户外。最好手边有一个急救箱。救援物资将被送到 幸存者手中。总之,在紧急情况下人们应该保持冷静。专家说,灾难的破坏 效果取决于它持续的长度。





这学期,我的主修课是研究语言的发展和其词汇的变化。众所周知,语言是一种交际工具, 在全球 事务中发挥着重要的作用。不管其社会制度是什么,语言都被视为一个民族兴衰的象征。有些语言,如汉语,可以追溯到最早的朝代,在骨头和壳上刻画 符号和文字。语言的变化是基于 多种 因素的。尽管如此,社会制度和文明是其变化的主要 因素。此外,我非常欣赏中国书法和中国名著,这些也是我的具体的研究项目。


汤姆是英国本地人,英语是他的母语。但他经常说当地方言。他知道,英式英语和美式英语在词汇方面有一些差异。例如,美式英语的单词subway,gas,pants 和 apartment 对应英式英语中的underground,petrol,trousers 和flat。每个民族都有自己的语言。但在我看来,语言的变化与不同的社会制度 有关。如今,人们要求和平,争取 平等权利,努力弥合语言之间的鸿沟。关于语言我还有许多话要说,但有些事情却难以言表。



1 In order to promote tourism in this area and keep balance between development and protection,the Cultural Heritage Protection Committee has established a special department. The department aims to investigate the condition of local cultural relics,make proposals to the committee,and conduct protection activities,making sure that all the cultural relics are well preserved. They attempt to raise funds and call for contributions to the protection of cultural heritage. With major issues,they are likely to turn to local governments for help. To prevent the loss of cultural relics,every one of us should take part in the preservation activities. For example,there is a temple on the mount,which shows the creative design of ancient people. We must prevent it from disappearing. If possible,we can donate money to the committee. Where there are cultural relics,construction must be limited and give way to them. We make a protest against any conduct of destroying cultural relics and can’t forgive it. It is worthwhile for us to do so. It is believed that great changes will take place within a few years.

2 My friend is a professional archaeologist. He often downloads some applications and documents about cultural relics from websites. He was sent overseas to work a few years ago. He studied the pyramids in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Using digital technology,he looked closely at the entrance,exit and roof of the Great Pyramid and finally formed an image of the construction process. Later,he visited some famous historic sites all over the world and further studied the local traditions and customs there. Then he went to a famous mountain to research ancient caves. There are many dragons carved on the cave walls. These sculptures are of good quality and remain there forever throughout the human history. According to various clues and after making comparisons and contrasts,he identified that these caves could date back to the Tang Dynasty. In his opinion,cultural relics must be well preserved. He often quotes this famous saying that history is like a mirror.


1 There is a poster in the nature reserve that says:“The authorities demand that all illegal hunting should be stopped immediately to protect the species that are endangered. ”Recently,some hunters have been illegally hunting wild animals,leading to a mass extinction of them,and their habitats have been threatened,too. According to WWF,an average of 150-200 species become extinct every day in the world. Some wild animals are dying out at a very fast rate. This is an alarming number. Many people are aware of the problem and are concerned about the endangered wildlife. Some countries have taken effective measures to protect these creatures. Why on earth do the hunters shoot these animals? Some intend to sell them as goods to make a profit,others to make a living. For example,antelopes are hunted for their skin and fur. But,to our delight,we have made great progress in wildlife protection.

2 In recent years,creatures such as whales,sharks,dolphins,deer,kangaroos and Tibetan antelopes have faced a threat and it’s difficult for them to exist. Now their numbers are reducing due to too much hunting. As a result,they have to search for new habitats and try to adapt to new environments. This problem has concerned people very much,and stirred up emotions of alarm. At present,many volunteers join in the protection of wild animals. In the habitats they observe the daily activities of wild animals and watch them over day and night. They remove traps and nets placed by hunters to protect these animals and insects like butterflies from attack. In addition,these volunteers help to recover the lost animals. They remind people in the neighbourhood of the importance of harmony between man and nature.


1 Tom is a well-known blogger who often writes blog posts on his blog. He likes to use search engines to find information he needs. He also likes to watch movies streaming online. When chatting with others,he uses different identities and avatars. He has access to free Wi-Fi,which is very convenient for him to download software from the network. His database and file are updated once a week. Surfing the Internet has indeed brought him great benefits. It seems that the computer keeps him company all day. Once he went to a conference held in his province. He didn’t bring any cash with him plus he lost his identity card. So he paid online.

2 This is a new type of tracker with many functions. Put in the battery,press the button and you can keep track of the person in the distance. By using it,you can confirm where someone is. This is our account. We can give you a discount if you click on our website and buy online.

Inspired by real life,an author wrote a book Guidelines and Tips for Residents’ Lives. He had once met with an embarrassing case,which made him very upset and go through a tough time. Because he was not familiar with online shopping,he bought a false product. The tracker was useless and even made fun of him. Another time someone put a particular tracker under his car,and he became the target of theft. Now,the author keeps it in mind now that he has gone through so many things.


1 The city of Qufu in Shandong Province is the hometown of Confucius,founder of the Confucian school of philosophy. There are many cultural sites,among which the most famous are the Mansion,the Temple and the Cemetery of Confucius.

Confucius belonged to the State of Lu in the Spring and Autumn period. By the time of the Warring States period,there were seven chief kingdoms left. Sometimes,they were joined to each other because the power of an individual kingdom was too small,and sometimes they broke away from each other. During this period,the kingdoms went through a number of battles,including military offensive as well as military defence. Finally,the State of Qin conquered the other six kingdoms and united the country. After that,the Qin Dynasty established a new legal system and a unified currency. Evidence shows that the Qin Dynasty made great achievements in many aspects. Why the Qin Dynasty was strong is no longer a puzzle.

2 An exhibition of paintings will be held in a county in Wales. The man in charge of the gallery announces there will be generous landscape paintings on show,and that only a small amount of money will be charged for the exhibition to ensure its success. A painting about the customs of the countryside will be displayed. There is a pub in the courtyard of a farmhouse. It offers a variety of drinks and snacks,such as wine,beer and hamburgers with butter and honey. A waiter is greeting guests with a smile. A poet is surrounded by a crowd,eager to listen to his speech. A herd of cattle are grazing nearby. It’s a fascinating scene,isn’t it? The best approach to visiting is to keep your eyes open and see the painting from different positions without missing any details.


1 I fall in love with classical music because it is good for the soul and enables me to be full of energy. I’ve always wanted to set up a studio,or a band,or a virtual choir to prove my musical talent. Once,the opportunity finally came. My band played my original composition on the stage. The performers performed very well and their performance was a great success. Thus,we were awarded. As a composer and conductor,I felt very proud when I jumped onto the stage to receive the award. Nowadays,my ordinary life has changed altogether. Everyone thinks this is a good phenomenon.

2 My friend,a famous piano player,has shown her musical talent since childhood. She is capable of playing various songs on the piano. Her aim is to release her own album. Moreover,she even wants to perform on the international music stage. She set up some music equipment for herself,and tried out for the music competition of the whole province. She experienced a romantic life. In addition,she was once unemployed,which had a great impact on her previous life. She was so absorbed in music that somehow she had a serious disease last year,and from then on her head often ached. Thus she had to get treatment in the hospital. The treatment provided relief from the ache,but couldn’t cure the disease for the time being. I sincerely hope she will get through this difficult time.

11为了促进该地区的旅游业、保持开发与保护之间的平衡,文化遗产保护委员会 设立了一个专门的部门。该部门旨在调查研究当地的文物状况,向委员会提出建议,并组织保护活动,确保所有文物都得到良好的保护。他们试图筹集资金,呼吁(人们)为保护文化遗产做出贡献。对于重大问题,他们可能会向地方政府寻求帮助。为了防止文物流失,我们每个人都应该参加保护活动。例如,山上有一座寺庙,它展示了古人的创造性设计,我们必须防止它消失。如果可能的话,我们可以给委员会捐款。在有文物的地方,建设必须受到限制,必须给文物让路。我们对任何破坏文物的行为提出抗议,且不能原谅。我们这样做是值得的。相信几年内将会发生巨大的变化。

12我朋友是一位专业的 考古学家。他经常从网站上下载一些关于文物的应用程序和文件。几年前他被派往海外工作。他研究了阿拉伯埃及共和国的金字塔。利用数字技术,他仔细观察了大金字塔的入口、出口和顶部,最后形成了一幅建造过程的图像。后来,他参观了世界各地的一些著名历史古迹,进一步研究了当地的传统和风俗。然后他去了一座名山,研究古代洞穴。洞壁上雕刻着许多龙,这些雕刻质量上乘,在整个人类历史中永远保存在那里。根据各种线索,经过比较和对比后,他确认这些洞穴可以追溯到唐代。在他看来,文物必须得到很好的保护。他经常引用这句名言:历史就像一面镜子。

21自然保护区的海报上写道:“当局要求立即停止所有非法 狩猎,以保护濒危 物种。”最近,一些猎人 非法 猎杀野生动物,导致野生动物的大规模 灭绝,它们的栖息地也受到了威胁。根据世界自然基金会的数据,世界上平均每天有150-200种物种 灭绝。一些野生动物正以非常快的速度 消失。这是一个惊人的数字。许多人都意识到了这个问题,并为 濒临灭绝的野生生物担忧。一些国家已经采取了有效的 措施来保护这些生物。猎人 究竟为什么要射杀这些动物呢?有些人打算把它们作为商品出售来获得利润,有些人是为了谋生。例如,捕猎 羚羊是为了获取它们的皮 毛。但令我们高兴的是,我们在野生生物保护方面取得了很大的进步。

22近年来,鲸、鲨鱼、海豚、鹿、袋鼠、藏羚羊等动物已面临威胁,生存困难。由于过度捕猎,现在它们的数量正在减少。因此,它们必须寻找新的栖息地,并努力适应新的环境。这一问题让人们非常担忧,并引发了恐慌 情绪。目前,许多志愿者加入了保护野生动物的行列。在栖息地,他们观察野生动物的日常活动,并日夜 照看它们。他们拆除 猎人放置的陷阱和网,以保护这些动物和像蝴蝶这样的昆虫免受攻击。此外,这些志愿者帮助找回丢失的动物。他们提醒 邻近地方的人们人与自然和谐的重要性。

31汤姆是一位著名的博主,经常在博客上写博文。他喜欢使用搜索引擎来查找他需要的信息。他还喜欢观看在线电影。与他人聊天时,他使用不同的身份和头像。他使用免费的Wi-Fi,这对他从网络上下载 软件非常方便。他的数据库和文件每周都要更新一次。网上冲浪的确给他带来了很大的好处,电脑似乎整天都在陪伴着他。有一次,他去参加一个在他的省里举行的会议。他身上没带任何现金,而且又丢了身份证。所以他就在网上付款。

这是一种具有多种功能的新型跟踪器。把电池放进去,按下 按钮,你就可以跟踪 远处的人了。用它你就可以确认某人在哪里。这是我们的账户。如果你点击我们的网站并在网上购买,我们可以给你折扣。

32受到现实生活的启发,一位作家写了一本书《居民生活指南和窍门》。他曾经遇到过一个尴尬的 情况,这让他非常苦恼,度过了一段艰难的日子。因为不熟悉网上购物,他买了一件假货。这个跟踪器毫无用处,甚至戏弄了他。还有一次,有人在他的车下安装了一个特殊的跟踪器,结果他成了盗窃的目标。现在,作者对此牢记于心,因为他经历了这么多的事情。


41孔子属于春秋时期的鲁国。到了战国时期,还剩下七个主要 诸侯国。有时候它们联合在一起,因为一个诸侯国的力量太小,有时候又彼此分离。这一时期,诸侯国之间经历了许多次战争,包括军事进攻和军事防御。最后,秦国征服了其他六国,统一了国家。那之后,秦朝建立了新的法律制度和统一的货币。有证据表明,秦朝在许多方面都取得了巨大的成就。秦朝为何强大已不再是一个谜。

42一场画展将在威尔士的一个郡里举行。画廊 负责人宣布将会有丰富的 山水画展出,只收取少量的费用以保证展览的成功。一幅乡村风俗画即将展出。农舍的庭院里有一家酒馆,提供各种酒和小吃,如葡萄酒、啤酒和涂抹了黄油和蜂蜜的汉堡包。一名侍者正在微笑着迎接客人。诗人被一群人 包围着,他们渴望聆听他的演讲。一群牛正在附近吃草。这是一个迷人的场景,不是吗?参观的最好方法是留心,从不同的角度看这幅画,不要遗漏任何细节。

51我爱上 古典音乐,因为它陶冶心灵,使我充满活力。我一直想成立一个工作室,或者一个乐队,或者一个虚拟合唱团,以证明我的音乐才能。有一次,机会终于来了。我的乐队在舞台上演奏了我的原创 乐曲。表演者们 表演得很好,他们的表演非常成功。因此,我们获奖了。作为作曲者和指挥者,当我登上 台领奖时,我感到非常自豪。如今,我普通的生活完全改变了。大家都认为这是一个好现象。

52我的朋友是一位著名的钢琴演奏家,从小就显示出她的音乐天赋。她能在钢琴上弹奏各种各样的歌曲。她的目标是发行自己的专辑。此外,她甚至想在国际音乐舞台上表演。她为自己安装了一些音乐器材,并参加全省音乐选拔赛。她经历过一段浪漫的生活。此外,她曾经失业过,这对她以前的生活有着很大的影响。她对音乐如此着迷,去年不知怎的得了一种严重的疾病,从那时起,她的头经常疼痛。因此她不得不在医院接受治疗。治疗 减轻了疼痛,但暂时不能治愈这种疾病。我真诚地希望她能度过这段艰难的时期。



On the Lantern Festival, joyful people wear make-up and dress up in colourful carnival costumes, arching along the streets. Some attend the ceremony, and others visit a lantern fair or guess lantern riddles. People greet and congratulate each other. Congratulations can be heard everywhere. After all, festivals have a wide range of origins. Some come from religions. In other words, their origins are religious. Some festivals are for famous figures and significant events. The harvest festival is an important agricultural festival, full of joy and charm. People are grateful or express their gratitude because all the crops have been gathered. In European countries, people decorate churches and town halls with flowers and fruit, featuring a new look. Today, festivals are becoming commercial, with businesses taking advantage of the celebrations. With the commercialisation, some traditions may fade away. In spite of the fact that festivals are commercialised, some typical festivals still keep their traditions. Christmas is the biggest occasion in the West. People greet each other with“Merry Christmas”. On Christmas Eve, people are pleased to enjoy the roast turkeys, puddings, mashed potatoes and pumpkins.

Last week I attended a wedding ceremony. The new couple are from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The bridegroom is a wrestler who has taken part in the national wrestling competition, and the bride is the archery champion. Both of them have represented the autonomous region in national competitions. They love each other, respect each other and have faith or belief in each other. They have a lot in common. To be frank, they are absolutely well matched. The wedding was held in a tent on the grassland, reflecting a warm atmosphere. The bride showed unique grace in her fancy robe. After the host delivered a brief speech, all the guests clapped their hands. Just at that moment, an eagle flew through the air, giving people a horrible feeling. Except for this, everything went well. After the wedding, the guests began to go off and the new couple set off for home, too. After that, the media reported on the wedding.


People often talk about morals and what virtue is. But sometimes they may face moral dilemmas. For example, if an old man tripped over a stone or suddenly fainted in the street or was injured in an accident, what would be your first response? Should you assist him to rise or give first aid? Or just stand by? This will illustrate what your moral and life principles are. In Lin Qiaozhi’s eyes, life is precious. When others entrusted her with their lives, it was virtue that carried her through a life of hard choices. She did not choose marriage as the majority of girls did, but chose to study medicine. Therefore, her brother responded against her choice and complained about it, thinking of the high tuition fees. After graduation, Lin Qiaozhi won a scholarship from a union and was hired as a resident physician in a famous hospital. Once she was appointed as a visiting scholar to a clinic in a faraway country. She impressed her colleagues by rejecting a well-paid offer. In the decades after liberation, Lin Qiaozhi was elected as leaders in many important positions and led all the staff to the medical cause of China. She published a great deal of medical research. She did not retire until the day she passed away, 22 April 1983.

There was an earthquake here. The might of the earthquake brought more or less harm to per family. Some people lived in tears, in tension or in despair. Some people had bought disaster insurance with their income savings, while some people tended to accept it. At midnight, the scared and passive people couldn’t go elsewhere but sit in the square of the kindergarten, listening to the chairman tell fables. Mothers whispered with their lips open and their children sleeping on their laps regardless of the mosquito bites. The chairman told a chain of fables as if in memory of a moral person. One of the fables began with a disguised king. He left his court and got into a cart for a visit. He hid behind a maple tree. He saw a customer limp into a café. An energetic waitress came up to greet him. However, he on purpose spilt some dirty water on her and said some sharp and unkind words. The waitress smiled and apologized, but no one knew she was pregnant. The owner of the café was a flexible person, so the operation of the coffee shop was fairly good. The café also imported and exported coffee.


While admitting cultural diversity or diverse cultures, we should explore the historical causes of this phenomenon. Apart from this, we should also understand Chinese ethnic minority cultures. In 1848, the discovery of gold near San Francisco brought about a gold rush. Over 300, 000 people from all over the world crossed the Atlantic and headed to San Francisco to seek their fortune. Some immigrants settled down near downtown, in the Mission District. To earn a living, they opened up shops, bars and restaurants. The climate in San Francisco is mild all year round. Today a large percentage of Chinese-Americans live in Chinatown. There visitors can buy fashionable clothing, souvenirs, boots, jeans, china plates and even Chinese herbal medicine.

A typhoon hit the small town, claiming hundreds of lives. Only a minority of the residents escaped, but the disaster destroyed their homes and caused them financial difficulties. Afterwards a series of things occurred again. Some families took food from home with them, such as spicy chips, cheese, and poisonous mushrooms. These mushrooms contained deadly poison. Some residents folded their neat clothing and other daily items. They put them on their trucks together with construction materials and accessories. They were definitely going to settle down in a new place. The children didn’t forget to bring their journals, diagrams, jazz music boxes, comics and graffiti with them. Apart from these, they selected some super collections which would suit their tastes.


To become an astronaut, you must go through a strict selection procedure. You need a lot of mental, intelligent and physical training. Besides, you should not only know about the universe, the solar system and our globe, but also understand rockets, satellites, spacecrafts, gravity and so on. In closing, astronauts must have a determined will and a strong desire to succeed. After a spacecraft is launched, make sure it goes in the right orbit. An astronaut on board has a lot of missions to carry on. He must be able to complete a spacewalk independently so as to transmit data to the relevant agencies on the earth.

Tom keeps in mind the famous saying “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” So he is keen to explore the mysteries of the universe. Once there was virtual training in space, Tom boarded a vehicle called Jade Rabbit in the hope of exploring the final frontier. On the spacecraft there was a microwave, a smartphone, a pillow, an oxygen bottle, some soap, towels, tissues and other facilities to provide for him. After the spacecraft entered its orbit, the monitor signaled regularly. When he was finishing the ongoing mission, he began to float in the capsule for lack of sufficient training, and his muscles ached too. Fortunately, he was attached tightly to the spacecraft. Otherwise, he would float beyond the spaceship. But he felt disappointed when he found his limited resources were running out. He wanted to figure out if the resources could be recycled. Through analysis, Tom argued that the current fatal error was lack of high-end facilities, which resulted in the failure of space training. As a result, he had to signal for help.


Is money the basis of a happy life? Should we judge people on the basis of how much money they have? Here’s a scene from the play The Million Pound Bank Note. I love a wide range of plays, including operas and musicals. I once played the role of a dinosaur in a play and received many hugs from the audience. This time I’d like to be a narrator and tell the story in a narration pattern. I am willing to apologise to you if I leave out any plots or elements of the story. Two brothers named Roderick and Oliver made a bet on what would happen if a penniless man was given a million pound bank note. They saw by accident a young man in rags wondering near their house, so they asked the servant to call him in. They thought he was the right sort of man they wanted. The young man had been caught in a storm at sea and spotted by a ship sailing to Britain. As a matter of fact, he was a businessman who worked for a mining company in America. In London he had nowhere to go but to the consulate to ask the ambassador for help, but he failed and didn’t dare to try again. The brothers asked him so many odd questions that he seemed to lose patience. To be honest, he was so hungry indeed and ought to be on his way. Just as he was about to leave, the two brothers stopped him and gave him a large envelope in case he needed it in the future. They asked him to promise to postpone opening it until 2 o’clock.

As the saying goes, money is a good servant and a bad master. It will not bring happiness to pursue money. A sequence of events will indicate to a large extent that money can’t buy happiness. Eventually, no odd intention will come true. Nothing will come in return. One day, Henry saw a sign for a tailor’s shop. He stopped and hesitated to come in. The clerk on duty had the obligation to greet him at once, but instead he frowned, said something in a rude manner, and asked Henry to go downstairs. Beneath the floor was a room for ready-made suits. Almost all clerks ignored him. Later, hearing Henry had a million-pound bank note, the owner of the shop pushed the clerks aside and came over with a broad smile. He had thought Henry belonged to the upper class;therefore he wanted to maintain a good relationship with him. In that case, he provided a wide range of options for Henry to choose from. With his permission, Henry chose one without payment. The owner thought it was normal.

在元宵节, 欢乐的人们化了妆, 穿着五颜六色的嘉年华服装, 沿着街道游行。一些人参加仪式, 还有一些人参观灯会或猜灯谜。人们互相问候和祝贺。到处都能听到祝福的声音。毕竟, 节日有着广泛的起源。有些来自宗教。换句话说, 它们的起源与宗教有关。有些节日是纪念名人和重大事件的。丰收节是一个重要的农业节日, 充满了欢乐和魅力。人们心存感恩或表达感激之情, 因为所有的庄稼都收割了。在欧洲国家, 人们用鲜花和水果装饰教堂和市政厅, 使其焕然一新。如今, 节日正变得商业化, 因为商家利用了庆祝活动。随着商业化的渗透, 一些传统可能会逐渐消失。尽管节日被商业化了, 一些有代表性的节日仍然保留着自己的传统。圣诞节是西方最大的节日。人们互相问候“圣诞快乐”。在平安夜(圣诞节前夕), 人们很高兴能够享用烤火鸡、布丁、土豆泥和南瓜。

上周我参加了一个婚礼。这对新人来自内蒙古自治区。新郎是参加过全国摔跤比赛的摔跤运动员, 新娘是射箭冠军。他们两人都代表自治区参加过全国性的比赛。他们彼此相爱, 互相尊重, 彼此信任。他们有许多共同之处。坦率地说, 他们绝对是天生的一对。婚礼在草原上的一个帐篷里举行, 显示出一种热烈的气氛。新娘穿着华丽的 礼服, 显得格外优雅。主持人作了简短的讲话后, 所有客人都鼓起掌来。就在那一刻, 一只雕从空中飞过, 给人一丝可怕的感觉。除此之外, 一切顺利。婚礼结束后, 客人们开始离去, 新婚夫妇也动身回家。之后, 媒体对婚礼进行了报道。

人们经常谈论道德和什么是美德。但有时他们可能会面临道德 困境。例如, 如果一个老人被石头绊倒, 或者在街上突然晕倒, 或者在事故中受伤, 你的第一反应是什么?你应该帮助他站起来还是提供急救?还是袖手旁观?这将说明你的道德和生活原则是什么。在林巧稚看来, 生命是宝贵的。当别人把自己的生命托付给她时, 正是美德支撑着她度过了艰难抉择的一生。她没有像大多数女孩那样选择结婚, 而是选择了学医。因此, 她的哥哥对她的选择不以为然, 并为此抱怨, 考虑到学费太高了。毕业后, 林巧稚获得了联合会的奖学金, 并被一家著名医院聘为住院医师。有一次她被派往一个遥远的国家的诊所做访问学者。她拒绝了一份高薪的工作, 给同事们留下了深刻的印象。解放后的几十年里, 林巧稚被选为许多重要职务的领导人, 带领全体职工投身于中国的医疗事业。她发表了大量的医学研究作品。她直到 1983 年 4 月 22 日去世才退休。

这里发生了地震。地震的巨大威力给每个家庭带来了或多或少的伤害。有些人生活在泪水、紧张或绝望之中。有些人用自己的收入积蓄买了灾难保险, 而有些人则倾向于接受。午夜时分, 这些惊恐而被动的人们不能去别的地方, 只能坐在幼儿园的广场上, 听着主持人讲寓言故事。母亲们张着嘴 悄声说话, 孩子们不顾蚊虫叮咬, 躺在她们的腿上睡觉。主持人讲了一连串的寓言故事, 仿佛是为了纪念一个有道德的人。其中一个寓言是从一个乔装打扮的国王开始的。他离开宫廷坐上马车去私访, 他躲在一棵枫树后面。他看见一个顾客一瘸一拐地走进一家咖啡馆。一位精力充沛的女侍者走上前来迎接他。然而, 他故意泼了她一身脏水, 说了一些尖酸刻薄的话。女服务员微笑着道歉, 但没人知道她怀孕了。咖啡馆的主人是个灵活的人, 所以咖啡店的经营相当不错。咖啡馆还进口和出口咖啡。

在承认文化多样性或多元文化的同时, 我们应该探索这种现象的历史原因。除此之外, 我们还应该了解中国的少数民族文化。1848 年, 旧金山附近发现了黄金, 引发了淘金热。来自世界各地的30 多万人跨越大西洋前往旧金山寻求财富。一些移民在市中心附近的教会区定居下来。为了谋生, 他们开了商店、酒吧和餐馆。旧金山全年气候 温和。今天, 很大一部分华裔美国人住在唐人街。在那里, 游客可以买到时髦的服装、纪念品、靴子、牛仔裤、瓷盘甚至中草药。

一场台风袭击了这个小镇, 夺走了数百人的生命。只有少数 居民 逃脱了, 但灾难摧毁了他们的家园, 给他们造成了经济困难。此后又发生了一系列的事情。一些家庭从家里带走食物, 如辛辣薯条、奶酪和毒蘑菇。这些蘑菇含有致命的毒素。一些居民包裹好整洁的衣服和其他日用品, 把它们和建筑 材料及配件一起装上卡车。他们肯定要去一个新的地方定居下来。孩子们不忘带上他们的日记、图表、爵士音乐盒、漫画和涂鸦。除此之外, 他们还挑选了一些适合自己品位的超级收藏品。

要成为一名宇航员, 你必须经过严格的选拔程序。你需要大量的心理、智力和体能训练。此外, 你不仅应该了解宇宙、太阳系和我们的地球, 还应该懂得火箭、卫星、航天器、重力等知识。最后, 宇航员必须有坚定的意志和取得成功的强烈愿望。宇宙飞船发射后, 确保它在正确的轨道上运行。飞船上的宇航员有很多任务要完成。他必须能够独立地完成太空行走, 以便将数据传送到地球上的相关机构。

汤姆牢记那句名言“对一个人来说那是一小步, 对人类来说却是一大 步”。于是他热衷于探索宇宙的奥秘。曾经有一次在太空进行虚拟训练, 汤姆登上了一辆名叫玉兔的月球车, 希望能探索最后的边界。航天器上有一台微波炉、一部智能手机、一个枕头、一只氧气瓶、一些肥皂、毛巾、纸巾和其他为他提供的设施。宇宙飞船进入轨道后, 监视器定期发出信号。当他就要完成正在进行的任务时, 由于缺乏足够的训练, 他开始在太空舱里漂浮, 他的肌肉也开始疼痛。幸运的是, 他被紧紧地绑在飞船上, 否则, 他将漂浮在飞船之外。但当他发现自己有限的 资源即将耗尽时, 他感到很失望。他想弄清楚这些资源是否可以循环利用。通过分析, 汤姆认为目前致命的错误是缺乏高端设施, 这导致太空训练失败。结果, 他不得不发信号求救。

金钱是幸福生活的基础吗?我们应该根据人们有多少钱来评价他们吗?这是戏剧《百万英镑》中的一场。我喜欢各种各样的戏剧, 包括歌剧和音乐剧。我曾经在一出戏里扮演恐龙的角色, 得到了许多观众的拥抱。这次我想当一名叙述者, 用叙述的方式讲述这个故事。故事情节或要点若有遗漏, 我乐意道歉。罗德里克和奥利弗两兄弟打赌, 如果一个身无分文的人得到一张100万英镑的钞票, 会发生什么事。他们偶然看到一个衣衫褴褛的年轻人在他们家附近徘徊, 于是让仆人把他叫了进来。他们认为他就是他们想要的那种人选。那个年轻人在海上遇到了风暴, 被一艘驶往英国的轮船发现了。事实上, 他是为美国矿业公司工作的一位商人。在伦敦, 他无处可去, 只能到领事馆向大使求助, 但失败了, 不敢再试。兄弟俩问了他许多奇怪的问题, 他似乎失去了耐心。老实说, 他确实太饿了, 应该上路了。就在他正要离开时, 兄弟俩拦住他, 给了他一个大信封, 以防他将来之需。他们要求他许诺推迟到两点才把信封打开。

俗话说, 金钱是善仆, 也是恶主。追求金钱不会带来幸福。一系列的事件在很大程度上将表明金钱买不到幸福。最终, 任何奇怪的意图都不会实现, 不会有任何回报。一天, 亨利看到一个裁缝店的招牌。他停了下来, 犹豫着是否要进来。值班店员有义务立刻迎接他, 但他却皱起眉头, 粗鲁地说了些什么, 然后让亨利到楼下去, 地板下面有一间成衣房。几乎所有的店员都不理睬他。后来, 听说亨利有一张百万英镑的钞票, 店主把店员推到旁边, 满面笑容地走了过来。他以为亨利属于上流社会, 所以想和他保持良好的关系。既然那样, 他为亨利提供了多种选择。在他的允许下亨利没有付款就选购了一件。店主认为这很正常。



1 Tu Youyou is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine because she has discovered artemisinin,a crucial drug for malaria.In fact,artemisinin has become a vital part of the treatment for malaria. After graduating from university,Tu Youyou worked at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She committed herself to the objective of discovering a new treatment for malaria. She and her scientific research team tried to find traditional botanical treatments for the disease. They evaluated 280,000 plants and tested 380 distinct ancient Chinese medical treatments. Tu’s team tried boiling fresh wormwood,and using the liquid obtained from this to treat malaria,but this did not work.Tu Youyou wouldn’t acknowledge defeat. She insisted on analysing the medical texts again and drew a conclusion that boiling the sweet wormwood apparently destroyed its medical properties. By using a lower temperature to draw out the extract,she discovered the effective substance. Artemisinin,like penicillin,has stood up to clinical tests,just as other products or devices can stand wear and tear.

2 The difference between a novelist and a professor is that the former mostly uses his extraordinary creative genius to inspire people’s passion by writing novels,while the latter pays more attention to academic research. A politician wants to found his own theories and tries to come to power. A scientist hopes to make remarkable achievements and have more inventions and patents. Take Albert Einstein for example. He made numerous contributions to the world,the most well-known being the general theory of relativity and the famous formula E=mc 2. He earned a doctorate in physics in 1905 and gradually became famous as the new Isaac Newton. Circumstances changed in 1933,when Hitler came to power in Germany. Einstein,who was Jewish,found the doors of academic institutions closed to him. As a consequence,he had to flee Germany. He finally took up a position as a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton,USA. Einstein was not only a genius,but also a very gentle man. He had a thick moustache and long white hair. Despite his peculiarities,he was loved by his friends and neighbours whom he encountered. Now let’s complete this flow chart to infer his further achievements. You can also write a draft to sum up Einstein’s life.


1 I have to persuade myself to use these words and phrases to describe my daily routine in the future.If I forget to switch off my electrical appliances like my air conditioners and I’m in a distant place,my integrated sensors in my smart home system will do it for me instead of remote controls and automatic knobs. These sensors are very

efficient and give instant commands. The home system will obey and give constant warnings until the appliances enter the safety mode. This will keep my home secure. In addition,my smart home can warn me early on if there is something abnormal or if I have a critical illness,such as cancer,and potentially save my life. If the electrical wire starts leaking electricity,my smart home will detect it and provide me with the relevant information. In this sense,I will fix the problem before my home catches fire. Nevertheless,this smart technology

is not a fantasy. Many of these innovations are already available and being used in some homes.

2 Artificial intelligence can be used to guard against potential crimes and gain a sense of security.For example,the librarian advocates combining monitors into the structure of the library building.Hence,no one is opposed to this suggestion. They are a necessity,but not a luxury. Now let’s change the subject,and talk about our future occupations and careers. We should learn to predict or make a prediction about the future,because we can’t resist the development of society. So we must keep in touch with the latest technology,and place emphasis on these new technologies,such as cloning,nanobots and satellite weather forecast. Each of us is required to write an essay with several paragraphs to give an accurate description of our future careers. I think the prospect of rural

development is very attractive. There can’t be an absence of rural talents. My preference is farming. Even if I encounter resistance,I will never cease to go and work there.


1 A group of journalists set out for the polar area. They came to a fascinating valley near the boundary,where they would camp. The north wind was buffeting the cloth of their tent. At the edge of the valley,they found a small cottage. A visible glacier from the top of the mountain flowed through the valley. The vast territory stretched as far as the eye could see. A lot of reindeer were on the move,accompanied by some local people to prevent leopards from hurting them. Hunting was banned here. All the journalists felt really blessed to be in such a beautiful place. Nevertheless,there was only one unpleasant thing. A woman journalist had a cold and sneezed all the time. The cream she had put in the teapot turned sour,too. She turned the teapot upside down and poured out the sour cream.

2 I was wandering along the corridor of the amusement park. A splendid fountain ahead appealed to me. Behind it was the superb aquarium. I pedalled a bicycle along the original route to visit the aquarium. I was very much amused to see some adorable fish swimming and an enormous whale on display. There were up to 20,000 fish there. Then I visited a pirate ship,had a swing with some children and took a ride on the roller coaster. In this park,there were many entertainments that aroused my strong appetite. I could watch fashion shows,iron workshops,and a rare steam engine. That was an incredible theme park that appealed to everyone. After the

visit,my teacher asked me to describe the park with adjectives and imperative sentences,then to label these adjectives and put them in the left column.


1 In our interactions with other people,the way of expression needs to vary with the situation. Body language is important and reliable. By contrast,it is sometimes more appropriate than spoken language. A smile is always approved of in all cultures because it demonstrates politeness and can break down barriers. A fake smile is also necessary if you want to hide feelings like anger or anxiety,or when you feel ashamed or embarrassed. Of course,we can make inferences about the truth of the smile. Body language differs around the world. Different cultures may employ different gestures to express the identical feelings. In some cultures,people favour shaking hands,bowing from the waist when they meet. By comparison,elsewhere,people may kiss their friends on the cheek. You can also witness that some people interpret the gesture for OK as zero.

2 As an educator,I’ve learned to read my students’ body language and know what makes each student tick. In other words,I understand what my students think through their body language. As we know,people have a tendency to lean towards whatever they are interested in. So if a student has his head lowered to look at his watch,it implies he is bored. Their eyes barely move,and with their chins on their hands,they occupy themselves by staring out of the window or up at the ceiling. That means these students are distracted from class. I can perceive and distinguish why some students put their arms across their chests. I know I need to inquire and assess what is going on. Once,I made a trial with the twin brothers about nonverbal gestures. I gave an accurate assessment of their internal thoughts by how they posed,slumped and bent over. This was also a good explanation of body language. Ultimately,I call on my students not to be bothered by the outside world and adjust their learning state. At work,if there is a conflict between behaviour and learning,I will intervene in time. This is merely one component of the solution.


1 Known as the “father of hybrid rice”,Yuan Longping has devoted his life to the Chinese farmers. Once,China had a serious shortage of food. To tackle this crisis,alleviate hunger and get rid of poverty,Yuan was convinced that farmers must boost yields in the fields they had.One characteristic of hybrids showed that they could attain a higher yield than conventional crops. Through intense effort,Yuan overcame enormous difficulties to develop the first hybrid rice that enabled farmers to expand their output greatly. Today,it is estimated that about 60 percent of domestic rice consumption in China is comprised of crops generated from Yuan’s hybrid strains. Deep down,Yuan is still very much a farmer at heart. As a man of the soil,he cares little for celebrity or money. Despite his wealth,Yuan Longping doesn’t live a life of leisure. His assumption is that he envisioned rice plants as tall as sorghum,with each ear of rice as big as a broom,and each grain of rice as huge as a peanut. His latest vision for rice growing in salty land has also become a reality.

2 Farmers prefer chemical fertilizers to organic ones for an increase of output. But crops grown with chemical fertilizers lack nutrition,essential minerals and nice flavour. Today chemical pesticides have been in widespread use in farming. Pesticides can kill harmful bacteria and insects,but damage the nutritious crops. This,in turn,affects the animals and humans who digest them.Now some pesticides have been prohibited in most countries. As an alternative,some farmers have switched to organic farming,because organic vegetables and grain are welcomed in urban groceries. These farmers also change crops. For instance,they grow corn or wheat in a field one year,and then grow beans there the next. These crops have entirely different roots and use different

depths of soil.

屠呦呦获得了诺贝尔 生理学或医学奖,因为她发现了治疗疟疾的关键药物青蒿素。事实上,青蒿素已经成为疟疾治疗的重要组成部分。大学毕业后,屠呦呦在中国中医研究院工作。她致力于发现疟疾新疗法的目标。她和她的科研团队试图找到治疗这种疾病的传统植物疗法。他们评估了28 万种植物,并测试了380 种不同的古代中医疗法。屠的研究小组尝试将新鲜的青蒿 煮沸,然后用从中提取的液体治疗疟疾,但没有成功。屠呦呦不承认 失败。她坚持要再次分析医学文献,并得出结论,煮沸这种青蒿 显然破坏了它的医学特性。她用较低的温度获取提取物,发现了这种有效的物质。青蒿素和青霉素一样,经得起临床检验,就像其他产品或设备经得起磨损一样。

小说家和教授的区别在于,前者大多是利用自己非凡的创作天赋,通过写小说来激发人们的热情,而后者则更注重学术研究。政治家想要建立自己的学说并试图掌权。科学家希望取得非凡的成就,拥有更多的发明和专利。以阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦为例。他为世界做出了许多贡献,最著名的是广义相对论和著名的公式E=mc2。他在1905 年获得了物理学博士学位,并逐渐以新艾萨克·牛顿而闻名。1933 年希特勒在德国上台后,情况发生了变化。(因为)爱因斯坦是犹太人,他发现学术机构的大门对他关闭了。结果,他不得不逃离德国。最终,他在美国普林斯顿高等研究院 担任研究员一职。爱因斯坦不仅是个天才,而且是个非常温和的人。他留着浓密的胡子和长长的白发。尽管他性格古怪,但是他相识的朋友和邻居都喜欢他。现在让我们完成这个流程图来推断他的进一步成就。你也可以写一份草稿来总结 爱因斯坦的一生。




了解最新的科技,并把重点放在这些新技术上,比如克隆技术,纳米机器人和卫星天气预报等。我们每个人都被要求写一篇文章,用几段话来准确描述我们未来的职业。我认为农村的发展前景非常诱人。农村人才不能缺位。我的爱好是务农,即使我遇到 阻力,我也不会停止去那里工作。

一群记者 启程前往极地地区。他们来到边界附近一个迷人的山谷,他们将在那里安营扎寨。北风吹拂着他们帐篷的布。在山谷的边缘,他们发现了一间小木屋。从山顶流下的一条看得见的 冰川流经山谷。辽阔的 大地一望无际。许多驯鹿在一些当地人的陪同下迁移,以防止豹子伤害它们。这里禁止打猎。所有记者都为身处如此美丽的地方而感到由衷的幸福。然而,只有一件令人不愉快的事。一位女记者感冒了,一直打喷嚏。她放在茶壶里的奶油也变酸了。她把茶壶 颠倒过来,倒出了酸 奶油。

我漫步在游乐园的走廊上。前面一个壮观的 喷泉 吸引了我。在它后面是一个美丽的 水族馆。我沿着原来的路线 骑自行车去参观水族馆。看到一些可爱的鱼在水里游来游去,还有一头巨大的鲸在那里展览,我觉得很有趣。那里有多达两万条鱼。然后我参观了海盗船,和孩子们一起荡秋千,坐过山车。公园里有许多娱乐活动,引起了我的强烈欲望。我可以观看时装秀、铁器车间和一台罕见的 蒸汽机。那是一个吸引每一个人的极好的主题公园。参观结束后,老师让我用形容词和祈使句来描述公园,然后给这些形容词贴上标签,把它们放在左栏里。


在我们与他人的交往中,表达的方式需要根据情况而变化。体态语很重要也很可靠。相比之下,它有时候比口头语言更恰当。微笑在所有文化中都是被认可的,因为它表现出礼貌,还可以打破 障碍。如果你想隐藏像愤怒或焦虑等情绪,或者当你感到羞愧或尴尬时,假装的微笑也是必要的。当然,我们可以推断出微笑的真实性。世界各地的体态语言各不相同。不同的文化可能使用不同的姿势来表达相同的感受。在某些文化中,人们见面时喜欢握手、弯腰 鞠躬。相比之下,在其他地方,人们可能会亲吻朋友的脸颊。你还可以看到有些人把“OK”的手势 理解为零。

作为一名教育工作者,我学会了解读学生的肢体语言,了解每个学生的一举一动的原因。换句话说,我通过学生的肢体语言来了解他们的想法。众所周知,人们总是倾向于他们感兴趣的东西。所以,如果一个学生低头看表,这意味着他很无聊。如果他们的眼睛几乎不动,双手托着下巴,忙着 盯着窗外或天花板,那意味着这些学生上课分心。我能够觉察和分辨出为什么有些学生把胳膊交叉放在胸前。我知道我需要调查和判断发生了什么。有一次,我对双胞胎兄弟做了一个关于非语言手势的试验。我通过他们摆姿势、垂



被誉为“杂交水稻之父”的袁隆平把一生奉献给了中国农民。中国的粮食曾经严重短缺。为了应对这个危机,缓解饥饿和摆脱贫困,袁隆平确信农民必须在已有土地上提高 产量。杂交作物的一个特点表明,它们可以获得比传统作物更高的产量。通过极大的努力,袁隆平克服了巨大的困难,培育出了第一代杂交水稻,使

农民能够大幅度提高(水稻的)产量。据估算,现在中国国内大约60% 的大米消费是由袁隆平的杂交品种 形成的作物组成的。在内心深处袁隆平仍然还是一个纯粹的农民。作为一个土地之子,他不在乎名誉和金钱。袁隆平虽然很富有,却没有过悠闲的生活。他的设想是,他想象水稻植株像高粱一样高,每支稻穗像扫帚一样大,每粒稻米像花生一样大。他最近提出的在盐碱地种植水稻的愿景也已成为现实。

为了提高产量,农民更喜欢化 肥而不是有机肥。但是用化肥种植的作物缺乏营养、必需的 矿物质和美味。今天,化学 农药已在农业中得到了广泛的应用。农药可以杀死有害的细菌和昆虫,但也会损害有营养的作物。这反过来又影响到消化它们的动物和人类。现在大多数国家都已禁止使用某些杀虫剂。作为替代,一些农民已经转向有机农业,因为有机蔬菜和粮食在城市的 杂货店里很受欢迎。这些农民还更换作物。例如,他们一年在一块地里种玉米或小麦,下一年在那里种豆类。这些作物的根 完全不同,使用的土壤深度也不同。



1 Cholera is an infectious disease caused by germs. People who are infected with this disease will suffer from severe diarrhoea,dehydration and even death. As a young doctor,John Snow felt a little frustrated at first,but he was determined to defeat “ King Cholera” once and for all. There were then two contradictory theories to explain how cholera spread. Snow subscribed to the correct theory that cholera was caused by an infection from germs in food or water. But Snow needed proof and findings. It happened that cholera broke out in London in 1854,and Snow began to investigate. He discovered that there were multiple deaths in some households near the water pump in Broad Street. This showed there was a link between the cases of cholera and the water. Snow suspected that the water pump was to blame,so he had the handle of the water pump removed. Thanks to Snow’s intervention,people began to drink pure water instead of raw water. Thus,there was a substantial decrease in the threat of cholera. Furthermore,in his use of maps and statistics,Snow transformed the way scientists study diseases. His thinking and concept on disease were quite novel at that time. Therefore,Snow is considered the father of modern epidemiology.

2 Doctors use microscopes to observe cells,germs, viruses or proteins in cells,while astronomers look at stars and study astronomy through telescopes. A theory may be abstract,but research work needs to have a solid,concrete or vivid theoretical framework. Besides John Snow,it is worth mentioning Qian Xuesen,the father of China’s aerospace industry. He was an outstanding, gifted and patriotic scientist. At first,he studied railway mechanical engineering. In order to defend China’s airspace,he shifted his major to aviation. While studying in the United States,Qian Xuesen was a graduate assistant,studying jet and rocket technology. After returning to China,he was put in charge of developing China’s rocket science and its space and missile programme. Under Qian’s leadership,China’s aerospace industry made steady progress and achieved initial success. Now let’s change the subject. Here is a picture of a brilliant rainbow after a heavy rain. There is a man standing over there. The rainbow casts different shadows of the man. Above all,the moon is hanging in the sky,but the sun has not yet set. Can you find fault with this picture?


1 My friend Xie Lei recalled her complex experience of studying abroad. Xie Lei originally studied for a business qualification at a university in China. She is an ambitious girl,and her ambition is to set up a business back in China after graduation. She chose to live with a host family for her adaptation to the new culture. It was a comfort for her to have a second family. Her college tutor was very strict and advised her to participate in class activities. For example,she should speak up in class or give presentations,not cite others’ opinions. She was engaged in British culture and involved in social activities,thus acting as a cultural messenger. She knew that much exposure to another culture could give her great insights into the world. At first,she felt culture shock from a foreign country,and had an overwhelming homesickness. But later she stepped out of her comfort zone and felt much more at home. She became more motivated. Xie Lei’s advisor talked to her about maintaining reasonable expectations when studying abroad. Her motivation to study abroad became more clear,and she even wanted to be an applicant for a job at a foreign firm. However,she was looking forward to her early departure from the UK.

2 In recent years,there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people studying abroad, but there exist some disadvantages. Tuition and living expenses are higher than at home and could end up costing an arm and a leg, far more than the household budget. Another factor is the tremendous life pressure. Some students are not mature enough to behave well in new surroundings. They can’t grasp the local customs. Some students may feel depressed. Now,China’s education is booming. More and more young students choose to study in China to make contributions to and strengthen their motherland in the future. No one can deny the fact that studying abroad has its disadvantages. But still some people are optimistic about it. As far as they are concerned,studying abroad helps to gain and improve our general competence. Cooperating with people from diverse cultural settings helps us view the world from different angles. China’s global outlook,with projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative,has helped us make connections across the world. China needs cultural envoys as well as more talented young people with a global perspective who are highly competent with languages. Both sides sound logical. Which idea would you probably side with? As far as I know,studying abroad doesn’t always bring good outcomes. In summary,I sincerely hope that parents will take this issue seriously.


1 Prior to discussing food and culture,let’s talk about the cuisine and recipes. Both Western and Chinese dishes may consist of these ingredients, such as onion,garlic,cabbage,bean curd, chilli,etc. They contain a lot of vitamins and fibre. Meat includes pork,red braised pork,lamb,lamb kebabs,bacon,ham,sausage,haggis and so on, which contain large quantities of fat and calories. In addition,there are some other ingredients, such as soy sauce,vinegar,olive oil,pepper and peppercorns. Food includes dairy products, buns,desserts,dim sum and so on. Generally speaking,there are different categories of cuisines all over the world.

2 Madam Wang,a member of China Cuisine Association,works in our school canteen. She used to be a chef in a hotel cafeteria. She is elegant, modest with a stable temper. She can make exceptional desserts. She is a somewhat bold chef,making dough into various shapes,slicing it into thin slices or stuffing it into different molds. She has her own tricks of the trade,so she makes her own brand of desserts,served with pearls and figs. She is overall a vegetarian,consuming a minimum of fat each day. She always eats or drinks in moderation,but never eats junk food. She also teaches us how to eat. She says one fundamental factor of an ideal diet is to chew slowly. Consistent eating habits are better for our health. This is true regardless of how healthy the rest of our diet might be.


1 Two Chinese girls arrived in Vancouver by commercial airline. There they took a pleasant boat ride out into the bay and later visited an island with wonderful shops selling crafts and antiques. The next morning,the two girls arose early to take the train to Lake Louise,passing through the massive mountains and forests. The blue water in Lake Louise literally took their breath away with its exceptional beauty. Then they took a coach bound north through the Rockies to Jasper. The awesome scenery,spectacular mountain peaks and forests made them excited. One highlight of their trip was seeing many different creatures,including deer, mountain goats,and even a grizzly bear. Their first stop was Edmonton,the centre of Canada’s oil and gas drilling industry. The city is freezing cold in winter but it is home to many shopping malls. Crossing the great Canadian Prairie and a bunch of farms,they did not anticipate seeing such an open country. As the train thundered on towards the southern border,they opened the curtains and saw frost on the ground. Their trip from Vancouver to Toronto had taken a duration of four days.

2 My friend is a photographer with a French accent. He is enrolled in an English tutoring class to learn English idioms,but the result is often contrary to his wishes. One day at dusk he was staying in a hotel. He heard someone on the upper floor shout “Look out!” He put his head out of the window at once. As a result,a basin of water poured down on his head. He was astonished. Anyhow,he felt he was coherent. “English is so strange that ‘look out’ means not looking out,”he said to himself. Once he saw an advertisement that said,“Our company owes a great deal to our customers.” He thought the company was in deep debt. In fact, it’s a way for the company to express their thanks to the customers. He proceeded alongside the cobblestone shore,past a quarry,and finally arrived at the harbour. He took some pictures of a steel bridge in the mist. He came back late and had some toast for dinner.


1 My fellow classmate gave me a manual and a leaflet about first aid. They introduced many practical first aid techniques. The skin is the largest organ of your body. It acts as a barrier against disease,toxins,and the sun’s rays. It gives you your sense of touch. If your skin is burnt by radiation or acids,you feel much pain,especially when you receive an electric shock. Burns are no minor incidents. If the burn surface is red and swollen with blisters,you should work as a paramedic and provide urgent treatment to ease the pain. You can wrap the burnt area with a loose clean fabric. If every layer of the skin is affected or nerves underneath are damaged,the victim must be taken to the hospital immediately. Here are some other first aid cases. What if someone swallows a chemical? What if someone slips in the bathtub? What do you do if an elderly man falls on the carpet? What do you do when you get bitten by a mosquito? What if your classmate sprains his ankle and bleeds? And what do you do when you hear a drowning man screaming? You might say, “I don’t panic. I’ll give first aid,like putting in an IV needle,performing mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing and checking his vital signs. Also, I will call emergency services without delay and try to explain to the operator until the ambulance arrives.”

2 Once,I was having dinner in a restaurant. I had my dinner interrupted when I heard someone screaming from another table. A fellow diner at the restaurant was choking on some steak. He was now holding his throat with his face turning red,while his desperate friends were slapping him on the back. I went over to help the diner to his feet. Then I used the Heimlich manoeuvre. I stood behind him,made a fist with one hand,grabbed my fist with the other hand tightly,and then pushed up and into his stomach in one motion. I continued doing this until the obstruction was forced out. If he had been a small child,I would have laid him face down on my lap so that he couldn’t collapse. We have a duty to look after one another’s welfare. How could I justify standing by and doing nothing? Recently I was out of shape. I always ate more and slept in. I stayed in a hospital ward for two weeks. The doctor suggested that I should get a gym membership and work out at the gym in the suburbs.


霍乱是一种由细菌引起的传染病。感染这种疾病的人会严重 腹泻、脱水甚至死亡。作为一名年轻的医生,约翰• 斯诺一开始感到有点沮丧,但他决心彻底击败“霍乱王”。当时有两种截然不同的理论来解释霍乱是如何传播的。斯诺赞同正确的理论,即霍乱是由食物或水中的细菌感染引起的。但斯诺需要证据和调查结果。1854 年伦敦恰巧暴发了霍乱,斯诺开始调查。他发现宽街水泵附近的一些住户有多人死亡,这说明霍乱病例与饮用水有关联。斯诺怀疑水泵是罪魁祸首,于是他让人把水泵的把手拆掉了。多亏了斯诺的干预,人们开始饮用纯净水而不是原水。因此,霍乱的威胁大幅 降低。此外,斯诺利用地图和统计数据,改变了科学家研究疾病的方式。他对疾病的思考和观念在当时是相当新颖的。因此,斯诺被认为是现代流行病学之父。

医生用显微镜观察细胞、细菌、病毒或细胞中的蛋白质,而天文学家则用望远镜观察星体和研究天文学。理论可能是抽象的, 但研究工作需要有一个坚实、具体或生动的 理论框架。除了约翰• 斯诺,值得一提的是“中国航天之父”钱学森。他是一位杰出的、有天赋的、爱国的科学家。起初,他学习铁道机械工程。为了保卫中国的领空,他转到了航空专业。在美国留学期间,钱学森是一名研究生助理,研究喷气式飞机和火箭技术。回国后,他被任命负责发展中国的火箭科学及其太空和导弹项目。在钱学森的领导下,中国航天事业稳步发展,初见成效。现在咱们换个话题吧。这是一幅大雨过后的绚丽的 彩虹图。有一个人站在那边。彩虹 投射出这个人不同的影子。尤其是,天空中挂着月亮,但太阳还没有落山。你能找出这幅画的错误吗?


我的朋友谢蕾回忆起她复杂的留学经历。谢蕾最初在中国一所大学攻读商科。她是个有抱负的女孩,她的志向是毕业后回国创业。为了适应新的文化,她选择住在寄宿家庭。有了第二个家庭对她来说是一种安慰。她的大学导师非常严格,建议她参加班级活动。例如,她应该在课堂上大声发言或作报告,而不是引用别人的观点。她融入英国文化,参加社交活动,因此充当着文化使者的角色。她知道,多接触另一种文化可以让她对世界有深刻的了解。一开始,她感受到了异国的文化冲击, 产生了一种强烈的 乡愁。但后来她走出了自己的舒适区,感觉更自在了。她变得更有动力了。谢蕾的导师跟她谈了在留学时要保持合理的 预期。她出国留学的动机变得更加明确,她甚至想申请到外企工作。然而,她期待着早日离开英国。

近年来,出国留学的人数急剧增加, 但也存在一些弊端。学费和生活费都比国内要高,最终可能要花掉一大笔钱,远远超出家庭 预算。另一个因素是巨大的生活压力。有些学生还不够成熟,在新的环境中表现不好。他们领会不了当地的风俗习惯。一些学生可能会感到沮丧。现在,中国的教育正在蓬勃发展。越来越多的青年学生选择在国内学习,在将来为祖国作出贡献,让国家更加富强。没有人能否认出国留学有它的弊端。但仍有一些人对此持乐观态度。在他们看来,出国留学有助于获得和提高我们的综合能力。与来自不同文化背景的人合作有助于我们从不同的角度看待世界。以“一带一路”倡议等项目为代表的中国全球观,帮助我们与世界各国建立联系。中国需要文化使者,也需要更多具有全球视野、语言能力强、有才能的年轻人。双方听起来都很合理。你可能支持哪一种观点?就我所知,出国留学并不总是带来好的结果。总之,我真诚地希望家长们认真对待这个问题。



王女士,中国烹饪协会会员,在我们学校食堂工作。她曾在一家酒店的自助餐厅当过厨师。她举止优雅、谦虚、稳重。她能做出特别的 甜点。她是一个有点 大胆自信的 厨师,把生面团做成各种形状,切成 薄片,或者塞进不同的模具里。她有自己的行业诀窍,所以她做出了自己品牌的甜点,配上珍珠和无花果。她总体上是一个素食者, 每天摄入 最少量的脂肪。她总是适度饮食,从不吃垃圾食品。她还教我们如何吃。她说,理想饮食的一个基本要素就是细嚼慢咽。连续的饮食习惯对我们的健康更有益处,不管我们饮食的其他方面有多健康,这都是正确的。


两个中国女孩乘坐商业航空公司的飞机抵达温哥华。在那里,她们乘船愉快地驶入海湾,后来参观了一个岛屿,岛上有很不错的出售工艺品和古董的商店。第二天早上,两个女孩早早起床,坐火车去路易斯湖,途经巨大的群山和森林。路易斯湖湛蓝的湖水异常美丽,令她们真正地 惊叹不已。然后她们乘长途汽车向北穿过落基山脉到达贾斯珀。令人惊叹的 风景,壮观的山峰和森林,让她们兴奋不已。她们此行的一大亮点是看到了许多不同的生物,包括鹿、山羊,甚至一只灰熊。她们的第一站是埃德蒙顿,加拿大石油和天然气钻探工业的中心。这个城市冬天极冷,但它是许多购物中心的所在地。她们穿越加拿大大草原和成片的农场时,没有预料到会看到这样一个开放的国家。火车轰鸣着驶向南部边境,她们拉开窗帘,看见地面上有霜。她们从温哥华到多伦多的旅行持续了四天。

我朋友是一个有法国口音的摄影师。他报名参加了一个英语辅导班,学习英语习语,但结果往往事与愿违。一天傍晚,他住在一家旅馆里。他听到楼上有人喊“小心!” 他立即把头伸出窗外。结果,一盆水倒在了他的头上,他很惊讶。不管怎样,他觉得自己是有道理的。他自言自语地说:“英语太奇怪了,‘向外看’就是不要‘向外看’。” 有一次,他看到一则广告,上面写着“我们公司非常感激我们的顾客”。他认为该公司负债累累。事实上,这是这个公司向顾客表达谢意的一种方式。他继续 沿着 铺有鹅卵石的 海岸 前行,经过一个采石场,最后来到港口。他在雾中拍了几张钢桥的照片。他回来得很晚,晚饭吃了些烤面包片。


我的同学给了我有关急救的一本手册和一份宣传单。它们介绍了许多实用的急救方法。皮肤是人体最大的器官。它是抵御疾病、毒素和阳光的屏障。它给你触觉。如果你的皮肤被辐射或酸物质灼伤,你会感到很痛,尤其是当你受到电击的时候。烧伤不是小事。如果烧伤表面红肿并带有水疱,你应该充当一名护理人员,提供紧急处理,以减轻疼痛。你可以用一块干净透气(宽松)的 布把烧伤部位包裹起来。如果皮肤的每一层都受到了影响或下面的 神经受到了损害, 那么,伤者必须立即送往医院。这里还有一些其他急救案例。如果有人吞下了化学物质怎么办?如果有人在浴缸里滑倒了怎么办?如果一个老人摔倒在地毯上,你该怎么做?当你被蚊子叮咬时,你会怎么做?如果你的同学扭伤 脚踝 流血了该怎么办?当你听到一个溺水的人尖叫时你会怎么做?你可能会说,“我不惊慌。我会实施急救,比如打静脉注射针、进行口对口人工呼吸并检查生命体征。此外,我还会毫不迟疑地打电话给急救中心(应急服务机构),并尽力向接线员解释情况,直到救护车到来。”

有一次,我在一家餐馆吃饭。当我听到另一张桌子上有人尖叫时,我的晚餐被中断了。餐馆里的一位用餐者被一些牛排 噎住了。此时他扼住自己的喉咙,脸涨得通红, 而他绝望的朋友们则在拍打他的后背。我走过去帮助用餐者站了起来。然后我采用海姆立克急救法。我站在他身后,一只手握拳,另一只手紧紧 抓住我的拳头,然后快速地向上向内推压他的腹部。我持续这样做, 直到阻塞物被排出。如果他是个小孩子,我会把他脸朝下放在我的膝盖上,这样他就不会倒下。我们有责任照顾彼此的健康。我怎么能有理由袖手旁观而什么也不做呢?最近我的身体不好,我总是吃得多, 起得晚。我在医院病房住了两个星期。医生建议我办个健身会员,在郊外的健身房锻炼。



1 I am fond of the works of primitives,and those of realists in particular. Realists express realism by drawing realistic paintings. Different from Christianity,realistic painting pays more attention to humanity and has humanistic thoughts. Nowadays,in order to show their influential ranks and reputations,some high-ranking officials and nobles like to collect famous paintings. These clients go around purchasing paintings and photography works of famous artists. There is a painting called Impression,Sunrise ,a work filled with mythology. The sun is slowly emerging on the horizon from different dimensions,showing the outer beauty of nature. The painting is set apart from others because of its precise description of nature. It conveys the artist’s subjective view of nature,and causes a subsequent influence. As the painting precisely describes nature,it is called a breakthrough in the history of painting.

2 Sculptors create sculptures to give people visual beauty. Sculpture,like painting,is also called fine art. But some sculptors don’t seem to be humble enough when their works are criticised. It means that they won’t accept criticism. You can see sculptures everywhere in this park. Over the pond in the park, there is an arched bridge with several arches in it. There are some water lilies in the pond. Brides and grooms often have pictures taken by the side of the bridge and the pond. In the center of the park stands a permanent memorial. The local government has paid a large investment in the park.

3 There is a big museum in our city. It houses a representative collection of antiques and artistic works,including ancient bronzes,ceramics, vases,ink wash paintings and Buddhist objects. It also has a collection of world-famous symphonies as well as contemporary animations. In recent years,entry to the museum has been limited, so there is a decline in the number of visitors. For the expansion of the museum’s influence,they often hold exhibitions and collect civil products to attract tourists. Two-dimensional technology is made full use of in these exhibitions to provide film frames and bring ancient things to life,so they are worthy of being visited. As a result,the reputation of the museum has been guaranteed.


1 Abuse of tobacco or alcohol can cause physical harm. If you already rely on either of them,it’s hard to quit. However,you should not take a negative or pessimistic attitude towards it. You must learn to discipline yourself and dominate your daily behaviour. According to psychology,any cue can affect your decisions and actions. Therefore,you should decide on a plan to stop smoking or drinking and start straight away. In response to your plan, don’t give up smoking or drinking repeatedly, don’t take pills,but have your health examined regularly. You should also enhance physical exercise to facilitate your ability to fight disease. If you can do this,you are sure to get a good reward.

2A team which was composed of medical specialists,consultants and surgeons went to the drug addiction treatment center. They had made up their minds to help the addicts get rid of their bad habits. In the center,they found some patients were smoking cigarettes. Some patients tried to skip medical tests to avoid being disturbed. But all this was stopped. Other patients that grew beards were asked to shave them off. In addition,the surgeons performed surgery on serious patients to give them a complete liberation from pain.

3 We know that flu is caused by a virus. People with flu can feel dizzy. They feel stressed out or even feel worn out. In addition to taking medicine, sports will refresh us and make us feel dynamic. For example,skateboarding and bowling are good choices. Physical exercise can enhance our ability of disease prevention and stimulate our enthusiasm for life. In addition,it can make us absorbed in our work. Let’s change the subject. Last week,I paid a visit to the dentist and I did it monthly. He advised me not to eat too much sugary food or too many nuts.


1 One graph shows that carbon dioxide and methane emissions are increasing year by year. As a result,they have destroyed our ecology and caused global warming. People burn fossil fuels to produce waste gases, which are then released into the atmosphere. We should fully realize that global warming is a worldwide problem. We must restrict the emission of carbon dioxide. We also call for a restriction on other waste gas emissions. There is a trend that global warming may cause ice and snow to melt,making polar bears,seals or penguins starve to death,and our planet not habitable. In order to sustain our survival as well as for the sustainable development of human society,we must fight for the protection of our living environment and ecology. We should seize every opportunity to advertise our protection policy through the media,such as TV and radio broadcasts. This is a hard and comprehensive task,and we must frequently warn people about it.

2 Our reform and opening-up policy aims not only to reform the economic system,but also to build a harmonious well-off society. In the course of implementing the reform,we have to undergo challenges,tests,pains and even chaos. The annual workshop on ecology and environment will be held soon,and I will attend the meeting on behalf of our city. Some sensitive topics may be discussed at the meeting. It involves the use of nuclear energy and how to protect the tropical jungles in the basins. At that time,representatives will submit their proposals.

3 Smog originates from the emission of waste gases. For the conservation of our environment, a nationwide campaign against smog has been launched. Dozens of enterprises in our city have set up regulations and agendas to prohibit the emission of garbage and waste gases. The enterprises concerned must carry out a thorough disposal of their waste gas emissions as well as waterways before the end of the year to restore them to their original condition. The government will never tolerate such a situation to continue. Enterprises with large volumes of emissions will be fined. If any enterprise fails to pass the inspection,it will be fined,too.


1 After retiring from the navy,the crew formed an ocean expedition. They were both qualified and enthusiastic explorers. After they were assigned the task,they went aboard the ship and began their voyage to the Atlantic Ocean. All the crew and stewards were full of vigour and were envied by everyone. A few days later when the ship was sailing,it was crushed against a reef unfortunately. Immediately the ship began to sink. At this time, some of the crew resolved to persevere with the voyage,but the captain turned them down. After sending out the emergency signal,the captain decided to abandon the ship,including all the belongings on board,such as furniture, cupboards,stoves,blankets and a decent banjo. It was time to test their endurance,resolve and perseverance in adversity. No one was ever selfish or bad-tempered. Although it was a bitter and miserable experience,they were fearless and showed a genuine friendship with each other.

2 My nephew made an application for a job in an advertising agency. Fortunately,he was hired by the company. Under the guidance of his boss, his work was to advertise corporate culture. Once he went to a private enterprise to make a thorough investigation. Unfortunately,he found that the owner of the private enterprise beat his dog in a cruel way while it was barking. Therefore,he refused to advertise for the company. My nephew likes badminton and rugby. He is often seen in the recreation center to play baseball with a bat.

3 As Confucianism says,“Keep what you say and carry out what you do.” Tom was a navigator, and he made a commitment to live or die with the ship. Here was an episode in his life. When the ship motor started,he got aboard the ship and made fire,which began to give off a light smoke. While the ship was sailing out to the sea,they met with a storm. But in the rough sea,Tom remained calm. His only motive was to navigate the ship safely. Finally,when the ship reached its destination, he gave his life to save others. I’m the suitable candidate to go sailing. I must be as loyal to my ship and the crew as Tom was.


1 I am a literary youth and an amateur in English poetry. I am fond of Shakespeare’s poems and dramas full of sorrow. Now I can recite dozens of English poems and folk songs because they are full of imagery,rhyme and rhythm. I still remember a nursery rhyme,which contains the words “mockingbird”“diamond ring”“brass”“billy goat”and “bull”. There is a list poem called “Mother”,which describes hundreds of bees in the sunny weather,hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,and hundreds of delicate butterflies in the blossoms on the lawn. There is a certain format for the number of lines in different forms of poetry. Another form of poem is called the cinquain ,which is made up of five lines. It conveys a strong picture or a certain mood in a few words. Time awaits no man and stop teasing. Now let’s hold a discussion revolving around English poetry. If you already have some comprehension of English poetry, please utter what you think. I’d like to hear your respective opinions.

2 In a dominant place on the shelf,there is a book of prose and a collection of blank verse. There may be several other versions of them. The core content of these works is to describe the daily life of civilians. For example,in spring when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom,farmers began to sow the seeds of their crops,hoping for the autumn harvest. In the era of innocence,people were innocent and sympathetic. They showed sympathy and love for each other. At that time,correspondence was not so easy and convenient as it is today,but the relationship between people was close,not as distant as it is now.

3 The deadline for the composition contest is drawing near. My paper is about racial prejudice and it needs to be polished by my teacher. To my grief,my teacher says that there are still a string of questions to be clarified in my paper. The structure of the composition is so complicated that I have to make some variations wherever necessary.


我喜欢 文艺复兴前的艺术家的作品,尤其是现实主义画家的那些作品。现实主义画家通过画写实的绘画来表达现实主义(理念)。与基督教不同,写实绘画更注重人性,具有人文思想。如今,为了显示自己有影响力的 地位和声誉,一些达官贵人喜欢收藏名画。这些客户四处购买著名艺术家的绘画和摄影作品。有幅名叫《日出·印象》的绘画,是一幅充满虚幻想法的作品。太阳从不同的维度慢慢地出现在地平线上,展现出大自然的外在美。这幅画因其对大自然的精确描绘而与众不同。它传达了艺术家对大自然的主观看法,并产生了后来的影响。因为这幅画准确地描绘了大自然,所以它被称为绘画史上的一次突破。

雕塑家通过制作雕塑,给人以视觉美。雕塑和绘画一样,也被称为美术。但有的雕塑家在作品受到批评时显得不够谦虚,意思是说,他们不愿接受批评。在这个公园里到处都可以看到雕塑。在公园的池塘上方,有一座拱形桥,桥上有几个拱。池塘里有一些睡莲。新娘和新郎经常在桥边和池塘边拍照。公园中央矗立着一座永久性 纪念碑。地方政府在这个公园里投入了大量资金。

我们城市有一座大型博物馆。这里收藏了一批具有代表性的古董和艺术作品,包括古代青铜器、陶瓷作品、花瓶、水墨画和佛教物品。它还收藏了一些世界著名的交响乐曲和当代 动画片。近年来,进入博物馆(参观)受到了限制,所以参观者数量有所下降。为了扩大博物馆的影响力,他们经常举办展览和收集民用产品来吸引游客。这些展览充分利用二维技术提供电影画面,使古代的事物重现生机,所以,它们是值得参观的。结果, 博物馆的声誉得到了保证。


无节制吸烟或饮酒会造成身体伤害。如果你已经依赖其中之一,就很难戒掉。但是,你不应该对此持有消极或悲观的态度。你必须学会自我控制,控制你的日常行为。根据心理学,任何暗示都会影响你的决定和行动。因此,你应该选定一个戒烟或戒酒的计划,然后马上开始。为了响应你的计划,不要反复戒烟或戒酒,不要吃药,但要定期检查你的身体。你还应该加强 体育锻炼,以促进你的抗病能力(提升)。如果你能做到这一点,你一定会得到良好的回报。

一个由 专科医生、顾问和外科医生 组成的小组前往戒毒治疗中心。他们已下定决心帮助吸毒成瘾的人摆脱坏他们的坏习惯。在戒毒中心,他们发现一些患者在抽烟。一些患者为了避免受到打扰, 试图逃避医疗检查。但这一切都被制止了。还有一些留着胡子的患者被要求把胡子剃掉。此外,外科医生为重病患者做了手术,让他们彻底解脱病痛。

我们知道,流感是由病毒引起的。流感患者会感到头晕目眩。他们焦虑不安, 甚至疲惫不堪。除了服药,体育运动也会使我们精神焕发、充满活力。例如,滑板运动和保龄球运动都是不错的选择。体育锻炼可以增强我们预防疾病的能力, 激发我们对生活的热情。此外,它还能使我们全神贯注于工作。咱们换个话题吧。上周我去看了牙医,而且我每月都去看一次。他建议我不要吃太多含糖的食物和坚果。


一张图表显示,二氧化碳和甲烷的排放量正在逐年增加。结果,它们破坏了我们的生态,导致了全球变暖。人们燃烧化石燃料产生废气,然后它们被排放到大气中。我们应该充分认识到,全球变暖是一个世界性的问题。我们必须限制二氧化碳的排放。我们还呼吁限制其他废气的排放。有一种趋势是,全球变暖可能导致冰雪融化,使得北极熊、海豹或企鹅 饿死,我们的地球无法居住。为了维持我们的生存,以及为了人类社会的可持续发展,我们必须为保护我们的生存环境和生态而奋斗。我们应该抓住一切机会,通过电视和无线电广播等媒体宣传我们的保护政策。这是一项艰巨而全面的任务,我们必须经常提醒人们注意。

我们的改革开放政策不仅要改革经济体制,而且要建设和谐的小康社会。在实施改革的过程中,我们要经受挑战、考验、阵痛,甚至混乱。一年一度的生态与环境研讨会即将召开,我将代表我市出席会议。会上可能会讨论一些敏感的话题, 它涉及核能的利用以及如何保护盆地中的热带 丛林等。届时,代表们将提交他们的议案。

雾霾 源于废气的排放。为了保护我们的环境,一场全国性的治理雾霾的运动已经展开。我市很多 企业已经制定了法规和议程,禁止垃圾和废气的排放。有关企业必须在年底前对废气排放和河道进行彻底治理,使其恢复原状。政府决不会容忍这种情况继续下去。排放量大的企业将被罚款。任何企业如果无法通过检查,也将被罚款。


从海军退役后,船员组成了一支远洋探险队。他们是既合格又热情的探险者。被分配任务后,他们就登上了船,开始了去大西洋的航行。全体船员和乘务员都精力充沛,受到了大家的羡慕。几天后, 船在航行时,不幸 撞到了暗礁上。船立即开始下沉。这时,有些船员决心 坚持这次航行,但船长拒绝了他们。在发出紧急信号后,船长决定弃船,包括船上所有的物品,例如家具、橱柜、炉具、毛毯和一把相当不错的 班卓琴。到了在逆境中考验他们耐力、决心和毅力的时候了。没有人自私或脾气不好。虽然这是一次痛苦而悲惨的经历,但他们无所畏惧,彼此表现出真诚的友谊。

我侄子申请在一家广告公司工作。幸运的是,他被公司录用了。在老板的指导下,他的工作是为公司的文化做广告。有一次他去一家私营企业做了一次彻底的调查。不幸的是,他发现私营企业老板在狗叫的时候用残忍的方式打它。因此, 他拒绝为这个公司做宣传。我侄子喜欢羽毛球运动和橄榄球运动。人们经常看到他在娱乐中心拿着球拍打棒球。

正如儒家所言,“言必信,行必果。” 汤姆是一位领航员,他承诺与船只共存亡。这是他生命中的一段经历。当船上的马达启动时,他上了船,生起了火,冒出一股轻烟。当船出海时,他们遇到了风暴。但在波涛汹涌的大海中,汤姆保持镇静。他唯一的目的就是安全地为这艘船驾驶导航。最后,当船到达目的地时,他为了救别人而献出了生命。我是去航海的合适人选。我必须像汤姆一样对我的船只和船员 忠诚。




论文大赛的截止日期快要到了。我的论文是关于种族偏见的,它需要我的老师来润色。令我难过的是,老师说我的论文还有一连串的问题需要澄清。论文的结构过于复杂,我必须在必要的地方做些 改动。