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In High-tech Zone (Binjiang), a city of sports, Asian Games venues like the “Big Lotus”, the “Small Lotus” and the “Little White Bowl” are providing convenient and professional sports venues for citizens as a public benefit, while embedded sports facilities which can be found everywhere are extending the trend of sports from industrial parks to the doorsteps of local residents. As the Hangzhou Asian Games approaches, the atmosphere of national sports becomes increasingly strong and Binbin hereby starts a bilingual series called “Binjiang Sports Map”. Today, let’s fencing, archery, and kayaking with Binbin~









“Time for class!” At 4:30 pm, many little “swordsmen” wearing masks and fencing suits emerged from Binjiang Experimental Primary School, holding steel swords. They began to warm up and practice footstep in an orderly manner under the guidance of their coach.





The fencing class at Binjiang Experimental Primary School has been open for 5 years. According to Teacher Zhang, the person in charge, Binjiang Experimental Primary School had cooperated with Binjiang Youth Activity Center since 2018. Due to their proximity, the school has opened a wide range of quality courses based on the faculty, facilities, and hardware resources of the activity center, which are warmly welcomed by parents and students. Fencing is one of the star courses.





Human-shaped targets essential for practice are displayed in the clean and bright venue, where 6 standard fencing courts are laid and professional electronic referees are equipped, not only effective in improving the practical experience of practice, but also capable of hosting professional events.


It is said that Binjiang Experimental Primary School currently has 6 fencing coaches, 3 in class, and 3 after school, all of whom are professional teachers hired from outside the school. Li Zhuofu, one of the coaches of fencing courses, used to be a professional athlete in the Army Team who began coaching after retiring. In 2019, he was hired as a coach at Binjiang Experimental Primary School.


According to Coach Li, fencing is a “wise man’s sport”, an antagonistic high-performance sport combining mental and physical strength, which has profound effects on children’s growth. Firstly, it can enhance physical fitness, including flexibility, coordination, reaction speed, etc. Secondly, it can improve thinking ability, as one-on-one confrontation requires continuous observation and thinking, quick response and a clear mind to defeat the enemy. Thirdly, it helps increase stress resistance ability, especially calm respondent to key challenges in practical situations, which can help children overcome future stress and setbacks in their life.





Stand still, set the arrow, buckle the strings, and pull the bow. The arrow flies away from the string towards the bull’s eye, and finally hits the target after drawing a white line in the air.





Strength, mindset, focus, precision… Great knowledge hides in seemingly simple actions.A niche sport as it is, archery is the hobby of some people in Binjiang who love bows and arrows in addition to their lives and works.


The sound of archery was followed by shocked exclamations in the team as three arrows flew out one after another and hit the bull’s-eye precisely. “Golly! 28 rings!”With a competitive recurve bow in hand, the boy with a firm vision regained his boyish smile.


It is the archery class of Binhe Bow Society. The boy who just got the highest score in the class is Qin Qisheng from the first grade of junior high school.





“I’ve been fond of targeting toys and games since I was young, so I signed up for archery classes.” Though he had a long pursuit of accuracy, Qin Qisheng still encountered a problem when he first started his class. “I completely ignored the weight of the bow, 22 pounds!”


However, after weekly trainings, Qin Qisheng quickly got used to it and his strength grew day by day. He said that he achieved good results thanks to his love and persistence. He often finds out rubber bands at home when he is free and simulates bow pulling and practices aiming at a point outside the window. And he learns particularly hard in class.


At Binhe Bow Society, there are many students who love archery. For Wang Yuwen, a sophomore in junior high school, the archery class every Friday afternoon is always her most expected thing.


Wang Yuwen has been in contact with archery since her junior year, as she found the heroes in TV series were “particularly handsome” when they drew the bow and shot an arrow. She had no hesitation to sign in when she found archery in the list of interest classes of the school. And she continued to take the course on the second year of junior high school.


Through persistent practice, Wang Yuwen has changed her bows from 20 pounds to 22 pounds with increasing accuracy, and won the first place in the individual club competition not long ago.





According to Teacher Qian, the person in charge of interest expansion courses at Binhe Middle School, Binhe Archery Society has been recruiting 15 students annually since its establishment in 2019. The students are very enthusiastic and sign up actively, so the vacancies are always taken within one minute. Hopefully archery classes can enrich the campus life of students, enhance their understanding of the sport, and improve their comprehensive ability.





If there is any water sport that is popular in recent years, it should be kayaking, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province, where there are so many rivers and lakes convenient for “rowing”.





On afternoons from Monday to Friday, the dock near Hangzhou No.2 High School Baimahu will be bustling with noise and excitement. 30 students wearing flotation devices are practicing kayaking on the lake with the coach. As a soft breeze blows, the kayaks sway gently and the waves shimmer in the sunlight.


“It is important to introduce kayaking into class and allow more children to experience the joy of water sports.” Says Kang Shuyu from Lechuan Sports, now a coach of the kayaking class of the school. As far as he is concerned, kayaking is a sport with not only natural beauty but also good chance to exercise. Its charm lies not only in the pleasure of chasing waves and overcoming storms, but also in its interaction and integration with nature.


In addition to teaching and training, Lechuan Sports also offers leisure and entertainment activities to the public such as kayaking. On weekends, the dock will be crowded with young people who come to experience kayaking, some with their children for the fun of rowing and some with colleagues and friends for group activities.





For kayaking enthusiasts, the joy brought by kayaking lies not only in the rippling water, but also in the stretching of muscles and purification of minds, which is a truly immersive experience. People can find the beauty of nature and infinite possibilities of physical strength and life through kayaking. Every time of kayaking allows people a better understanding of themselves and makes them cherish this beautiful world even more.

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英文:Here is Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center, known as the“Little Lotus”.